Jumat, 16 Januari 2009

Just A Thought

Traditionally,men are the ones to initiate the dating process; but in recent years women have become bolder in these areas. How do you feel about women “asking” men out on dates? Their first date must have been a dinner date. As they were eating she was quietly wondering what he was thinking. She was hoping he noticed how sweet she smelled. At the Bible (Song of Salomon1:12-2:2, We See, Solomon broke the silence and told her how beautiful she was. As he looked into her eyes he told her that she had beautiful eyes. She returned his kind words with telling him how handsome he was. She then told him that compared to some of the other “available” women that she felt very average. He replied to her that she was like a lily among the thorns. Meaning he thought she was the most beautiful of all the women. Did You Know? The Shulamite woman was thinking about how she smelled. It was an oriental custom for a woman to wear a small bag of myrrh, a perfumed ointment, around her neck at night. All the next day a lovely fragrance would linger about her.

There are several good dating tips in this section of Scripture.

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